Loose Herb Incense Smudge
Loose Herb Incense Smudge
Loose Herb Incense Smudge

Hilom Artisan Collection

Loose Herb Incense Smudge

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Hilom Artisan candles and incense are essential tools that you can use for meditation, manifesting desires, and self-care rituals.

Regardless of your religion, practices, ethnic race, belief, or where you are on the spiritual path, it is essential to practice regular cleansing rituals to keep your space away from negative vibes and promote mental clarity.

Benefits of Burning Incense

To connect, to connect deeper

We all have, in our bodies, elements, same as once present at the core of stars. Unfortunately, the mundane form of today’s over-practice life is erasing our connection with heaven. Lightning incense thus can effectively help the seeker to reignite his/her relation with heaven and earth. As the smoke of burning incense moves up and out, it takes a smidgen of our souls with it.

As above so below, as within so without

Wait there, this only scratches the surface of loose herbal incense. The major enjoyments of this ancient practice include as follows.

• It harmonizes your intuitions with the elements of air, fire, and ether
• Promotes calmness and relaxation
• Lowers tension noticeably
• The alluring scent penetrates all the way through your whole house
• Heals sleep-patterns
• Ideal for meditation
• Erases any existing negative or imbalanced energies
• Cleans impurity for air

Hilom Artisan hand-blended herbs, flowers, premium resins with a hint of fresh vanilla and clary sage.

15 grams sachet + 2 free charcoal discs 

15 grams will go a long way


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