VIEW ART GALLERY | Artist : Angeli Sityar

Artist Name: Angeli Sityar

Zodiac : Cancer

Element : Water

 I started doing string art back in 2017. I got interested in this art as it is about arranging threads or strings between hammered nails to form a geometric shape. Before I knew about string art, I was into another form of art which is called wire art or wire sculpture and that was back in 2011 when I was in college.

I only did some small pieces but suddenly I stopped doing the said form of art, maybe because my priorities and interests somehow changed during that time. Perhaps it can really change depending on the environment that can affect our mood and where we are in our lives. But now my interest in learning and creating the wire art came back and I am into working this medium once again.

I am so in love with abstract and patterns because it makes me feel relaxed. Geometric patterns are everywhere in our universe. I have never been so great with anything, but I learned and still mastering to appreciate our nature and the beauty of life.

The Golden Beauty and Bloom was part of the art show KAMUMULAKLAK, an all-women exhibit held in Dulo MNL way back last year, May 31, 2019. It was the first time that I became a part of an art show in my entire life.

The Flower of Life, Metal Breakdown, and Golden Beauty was shown in ARTREACH in Overview Resto Bar, it was an art and outreach event for Anj Betco last year, October 26, 2019.

 Flower of Life 24x24” | String and nails on wood | June 2018


 Golden Beauty
11.5x11.5” | String and nails on wood | 64 nails | May 2019

11” | String and nails on wood | 331 nails | May 2019

11.5x11.5” | String on wood | 201 nails | May 2020