Precautionary : How much Cacao do you need?

Do not underestimate the power of Cacao.
Ceremonial cacao is made of the whole bean and is very potent. If you are new to cacao, its best to start with the smaller ratios and amount of cacao.  Every person is unique, start with a smaller amount and learn to observe and listen to your body. You can always add more or less. Depending on how your body will respond to it.

According to cacao mama
: 8g-10g of cacao can spark a profound activation 
:25 grams of cacao is best for meditation and creative process.
:20g - 35g of cacao guides you to a deep inner experiences
:42g is regarded as a full ceremonial dose
: from 60g above you can become really sick ( vomiting's and nausea)

You may like to start with around 10 to 20 grams of ceremonial cacao in total increase to 40g as you get used to it.

Ceremonial Cacao Precautions:

Its best to consult your physician if you are :

  • Taking Antidepressants 
  • Taking hypertension medication
  • If you are Pregnant - it is likely still safe to consume ceremonial cacao but at lower doses of around 15-20 g.
  • If you have a heart condition
  • It is recommended that you should not consume over 55g per day.
It takes a little while for the Cacao to enter the bloodstream. Sometimes between 30 - 60 minutes. Sensitive people feel the vibration immediately. You might feel a concentrated energy in the belly after drinking it, which may cause discomfort. Breathe slowly and consciously into the belly and imagine the Cacao flowing from your belly into your heart and in golden light into your whole body. 

Storage and Shelf-life of Cacao

It is recommended to  store your Cacao in a glass or air-tight container after opening the package. Keep your cacao in a dry and dark place, like a kitchen cabinet. Refrigeration is not recommended. Cacao melts at body temperature. A white film can occur on the cacao block which is just melted and solidified cacao butter. Cacao can be stored for about three years or even longer.