Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Ceremony :
The art of acknowledging one’s dreams, fears, hopes,
and suffering.

Now we know the supremacy of this divine entity, but when these beans are used in a sacred intentional space, the ultimate results are even more promising.
The earliest sign of this sacred ceremony is secreted within the mist of antiquity.
The Ceremony includes a small group of people, sitting in a sacred circle, far away from the destruction of the physical world- to dissolve ordinary unconsciousness within the spiritual dimension.

This usually leads opening up to strangers, without the fear of being judged, thus creating a harmonized energy between everyone present in the circle.
Remember that one should be picky about when and where the ceremony would held. As it’s better to be in an open area, under the sheet of the sky, with the aesthetic light of the full moon, around a roaring open fire.

The moment you make yourself wholly present and sip the Cacao tea
simultaneously with the group, stillness can be felt, as if the whole Universe is echoing back to the seekers of peace.

The ceremony will often end in dance, which allows the cacao to cleanse
conflicting emotions, evil energies and ego’s obstacles towards enlightenment.