The Akashic Records

Looking up, looking in
Have you seen a photographic film that has all episodes and experiences of the planet earth? If no I can show you the way of seeing it. Let me take you to the world where there are experiences lying just behind the perception. When you will perceive it you will find yourself into it. Yes, this is about your entire life, The Akashic records.
Generally stating
 Akashic records are the memory records, accords, faith, any action experienced by the soul, and feel the same as they were fondled. Realistically, Akashic records are not something like a spiritual guide rather it is database stationed inside the heart of a person that can get enlightenment. It contains thrice of the aspects of the being, forthcoming, and past.
Technically stating,
the word Akashic has been derived from the Sanskrit word “Aether” which means sky. The Akashic record is a compilation of all the events, sentiments, and thoughts in life. They exist in the metal plate according to theosophists but there is no scientific evidence found. In accordance with Buddhism, two things are eternal one is Akasa and the other one is Nivara. Akasa which is commonly called Akashic is following the inherited law of motion. The concept was further extended by Olcott by keeping Akashic testimony. One is the dimension where we live in but Akasha is the superior dimension. In short, This is the record that your house has, your soul has, the people around you have, your environment has and the things around you have. This is the book of life that is the admin office for all the information by the life of each person on earth.
Akashic record reading
Akashic record reading is a divine reading clamorously the holy story of a person. The actual idea of the word reading in Akashic record is to elaborate the acquaintance between in most and widest attitude of the conscience of the person. An Akashic record three components are responsible for the perfect reading and outflow of it. The receiver, reader, and reading are the main units. Its occurrence is eternally on a particular occasion.
Is it practical to introduce Akashic records to the public? These records can be made known to the public via Akashic records curator. In such a way, a person can meet his keeper to figure a relationship with him and giving them the key to the records under your will. This is the way how you will never feel alone. Its practitioners are advised to channel through the act of meditation, hypnosis, and prayer.
What can we do to keep our Akashic records ideal for us?
• Make notes by paper and pen or by any method where you need clarity for your life
• Deactivate old energy and bring in new for good
• Integrate yourself positively
• Ground your energy after focusing on meditation, exercise, or prayer
• Record the session if possible
• Take time to reveal the truth in you
• Drink plenty of water Don’t do these
• Avoid using drugs and alcohol for recreation.
• Don’t stress over keeping the records perfect and just go with the flow
• Don’t worry and don’t take things on the head.
As said by Sue Krebs “ Your Akashic record holds the truth of who you are- it holds the energy of essence in you, tapping into this truth can bring ease, grace, and clarity to your daily life”. We should try to learn by the record of impressions from the past in order to make improvements in our future.