Tarot Reading | Interview with Nikka Ranola of Tarotandthoughtsph

Name: Nikka Rañola
Zodiac Sign: Virgo Sun ♍️
Element: Earth 
Nikka works full time for an insurance company and is a mom of three. She loves giving tarot reading and currently taking a meditation course in a temple in Manila. She used to be a part of a theater organization in college for the love of dancing.
What sort of services do you provide to clients?
I do tarot readings and I recently got my pendulum so I might soon include pendulum readings too! And I’m recently drawn to astrology! I hope I can incorporate that into my readings.
How did you learn to read tarot cards?
I know a lot of friends back in college who has been reading tarot cards and I patiently waited for my own deck. I didn’t buy one because it is believed that the deck should be given as a gift. I didn’t have any deck until 2017. I’ve been reading a lot about cartomancy since 2016 and initially started with regular playing cards.
How and when did you discover you had this particular ability?
I never thought there will come a time when I’ll be reading tarot because I really thought no one will ever give me a deck. Hahaha! I realized that there’s really that kind of calling when I used regular cards. People come back to me months after saying that the reading I did for them came true. Some of them came back to me and told me the insights were helpful and that they’re also looking forward to our next tarot readings! And then I got my first deck as a birthday present!
What was your first experience with the Tarot?
My friends did read my situation back in college and it was really helpful. I should have taken the cards’ advice seriously back then! Hahahaha!
What was your first Tarot Deck? 
The Wild Unknown Tarot! 
Can you tell us how do tarot cards work exactly?
I usually work with spreads whenever I give readings. For me, either 3 or 5 card reading is the best way the cards can look into the matter. And by looking into the matter, I mean sometimes it exposes the other party! Hahahaha! But then again, it offers a resolution to whatever it is it was able to dig as a problem.
How do they give personal guidance and advice?
I personally think The Wild Unknown Tarot is really good at unraveling how one’s mind works. It has this amazing frankness as to what should be given focus and priority and then it explains why. It gives my clients a really comprehensive outlook into matters that have been ignored or hasn’t surfaced yet but affects them in a way.
What is the one stand out lesson that reading for people has allowed you to learn?
There’s a lot actually! I really value that is the time and effort of these people asking for a reading. I have learned that tarot reading needs mutual respect. And that people are willing to listen to you even if you are not well acquainted or even if you are complete strangers! To be able to nurture that relationship, you must be able to communicate with them with passion and kindness. I have learned a lot from reading people and I take pride in being trusted with their concerns but I take necessary precautions as well (because sometimes knowing more about a person may affect the reading). Sometimes I learn more from other people’s reading than my own as it gives me a better understanding and better lens to use in viewing other matters and other’s experiences.
I think it gives me a better understanding of life! And I’ll always be grateful for that! 
Any advice for those who want to learn more about tarot reading?
I still don’t consider myself an expert but I just want to share my thoughts about tarot reading. For one, it may be draining at times. It is important to ground and center, and rest whenever you feel drained as you’re a medium chosen by the Universe to communicate what has to be told and understood by the other party. Never push yourself too far when it comes to reading but always be prepared with what the cards will say. Keep an open mind and open heart, you are drawn to tarot reading for a reason. It may not be crystal clear as of the moment but let it unfolding, right before your eyes. You are given the gift, use that to uplift and empower others. Regardless if you’re into tarot or not, always be grateful! 
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