Loose Herb Smudge

No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore its balance. The first rule is to start asking nature for the ultimate remedy.
Do you know that fragrances can do wonder at the physical and emotional level? Several studies confirm that the inhalation of some particular scents highly boosts brain efficiency and can switch the moods and emotions of a person in a flash. Now imagine the healing power, an aroma of a sacred plant can possess.
Loose Herb Essence
Loose Herb Essence follows the blend of sacred resins, woods, herbs, spices, and flowers, all of which have been intuitively picked up for their warm, grounding, pleasant and soothing properties. An ideal herb should be grown up organically, without any use of impurity.
What’s the Secret?
“The plants and organs synchronize phenomenally”. Precisely, in nature, we never see anything isolated. Tug on anything in nature, and you will find it connected to everything else. Since ancient times, masterminds and healers showed great interest in the burning of incense and highlighted the therapeutic, spiritual, and healing properties it possesses. But this is not even the ending. Today, even science is catching up with ancient wisdom, confirming that incense can alleviate mental well-being.
To connect, to connect deeper
We all have, in our bodies, elements, same as once present at the core of stars. Unfortunately, the mundane form of today’s over-practice life is erasing our connection with heaven. Lightning incense thus can effectively help the seeker to reignite his/her relation with heaven and earth. As the smoke of burning incense moves up and out, it takes a smidgen of our souls with it.
As above so below, as within so without
Wait there, this only scratches the surface of loose herbal incense. The major enjoyments of this ancient practice include as follows.
• It harmonizes your intuitions with the elements of air, fire, and ether
• Promotes calmness and relaxation
• Lowers tension noticeably
• The alluring scent penetrates all the way through your whole house
• Heals sleep-patterns
• Ideal for meditation
• Erases any existing negative or imbalanced energies
• Cleans impurity for air
How to Burn Loose Incense
When I discover the healing power, loose herbal incense possesses, I decided to launch organic and wildcrafted herbs on my website. So people can have access to enchanting blends and can experience the magic. But one must be very conscious when working with fire. It is always a good idea to burn incense in a well-ventilated area, and when done keep the charcoal tablets in a cool area.
Here is a step-by-step guide to burn loose herbal incense safely.
1. Take a heat-resistant bowl and fill it will natural ash, sand, or salt. This will act as an insulator for your burner. Note that charcoal can burn exceeding 1,100 degrees Celsius.
2. Now, use a tong or anything of cone-shape and place the charcoal tablet at the top. It is necessary if you are using sand, to allow the air-flow around the charcoal.
3. Now light the charcoal and wait until it starts sparking. Wait for another 5 min, to let the charcoal turn into hot red. (Never hold it with hands)
4. Place the charcoal in a bowl and sprinkle a pinch of the organic herbal blend. The blend will start burning right away.
5. You will notice thick smoke, moving out of the bowl. Once the smoke begins to thin out, add more incense. 6. There is no need to light another charcoal, charcoal tablets can burn up to 1 hour.
A Word
Herbal medicines have been around for thousands of years, glorifying the relation between plant and human, plant and planet, human and planet. Using herbs in the healing process, means taking part in an ecological system. It is rightly put into words by Paracelsus “The healing comes from nature, and not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature with an open mind.”