VIEW POETRY | Artist : December Belle


Artist Name: December Belle
Zodiac: Sagittarius 
Element: Fire
About December Belle :
As an artist, she believes we are the conduits for divinity and beauty to express itself. Art is our connection to the divine, and when the muse blesses us, the artists, with its message through inspiration/epiphanies/experiences, it’s our duty to express that truth to enlighten the rest of humanity. 
Aside from writing, her other passion is dancing, which is what she's currently focused on. December also makes artworks/collages as a form of recreation.
Most of her writings tend to cover the emotional turmoil of the human experience (in the area of human relationships). Being incredibly sensitive to feelings, She uses her ability to write as a means to kind of detach herself from her emotions so she doesn’t drown in them, which tends to happen a lot, she said. In a way, writing has become a form of healing for her, as she takes apart this incredibly complex experience, to look at it from a different perspective—that of an artist’s—and to create something beautiful out of it, something poetic.
As an empath, putting out her works for people to read and experience is also her way of being a source of comfort and maybe even healing for those who are trying to sift their way out of the madness of their own emotions.
Major influences: Neil Gaiman, Charles Bukowski, Jillian Banks (Banks, music artist) ,Elena Tonra (Daughter, band), Lana Del Rey (music artist)
Earliest influences: Meggie Royer ( and Clementine von Radics
Seven Years

In seven years
my body will only carry you
in fragments and echoes,
in dreams left unrealized,
nostalgic and unsettling
in the morning.
Some days
it will remember you in the places
you frequented — a tiny strain
on the curve of my neck or
in the lengthening of the spine —
but the nights that will pass
will alleviate the pressure
Until one day
the atoms and cells that compose my being
will rearrange themselves
to a newer version of me,
no longer tainted by the shape of your mouth
or the slow burn of your hands
running through every surface of skin
accessible to you.
And the makeshift shaft you built inside me
will once again be renewed,
remodeled for its original owner;
she will be a stranger to us both
but one I’m willing to meet,
one you no longer have hold over.
And what’s left of you will only run
in the ink this paper will carry,
dried out in the sun.
And when it reaches your doorstep,
I hope the remnants will seep
through your fingers,
reminding you of who you were to me:
a sacred love song
a tragic art film
a jar full of tears that lit up my darkest hours.
I hope you remember who you were
because I loved you with all my wounds
because I just spent a lifetime trying to forget you.

not ur muse
I want you to take it back
I want you to take it all back
The angry words
The emotional trauma
The projected guilt
The shame
Take it all away from me
Tear it out of my limbs
I want you to take them all with your bare hands
Peel them off my skin
I can no longer carry this reinvention story for you
This scarred love letter wobbly on its knees
She is not anyone I can learn to love
She was never me
She was just a plaything
Whose strings you could happily pull when it suited you
Take her away from me I can never be her
Stitch her to someone else
You were never for me anyway.