VIEW POETRY | Artist : Salva

Artist Name: Salva
Zodiac: Gemini
Element: Air
About Salva:
Salva is a medical professional, who lives in the U.S together with her husband and three lovely kids. As a dedicated Mother, she great poetry and is a fan of arts and crafts. She now has more than 100 original poems published on her Instagram page and one of her goals is to publish her first poetry book.


In My Shell

In My Shell
I just want to hibernate
Cut my heart out and refrigerate
Leave a hollow space in my chest
So from pain, I will have some rest

I just want to stay inside my shell
Where my fear and anxiety dwell
Let my scream be left silent
Hide the tears behind my smile like it’s nonexistent
Let me hide inside the shell
because trauma is worse than I can tell
Maybe time will let it heal
When I’m no more dumb and numb as steel

I’ll just glance at the moon from where I hide
Let its’ light shine my darkest night
Let my love’s memory keep me warm
Inside my shell where there's no harm
Nothing is more enchanting than the moon kissing the sea
Even if there is nowhere of possibility

As the moon illuminates the darkest night
The sea waves at the moon
splashing a kiss
In awe of its’ existence
Grateful to its’ radiance

Will it ever get closer to see
the depth of the sea?
A magical world within
Staring at its’ magnificence
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