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VIEW POETRY | Artist : Salva

  Artist Name: Salva Zodiac: Gemini Element: Air About Salva: Salva is a medical professional, who lives in the U.S together with her husband and three lovely kids. As a dedicated Mother, she great poetry and is a fan of arts and crafts. She now has more than 100 original poems published on her Instagram page and one of her goals is to publish her first poetry book.   In My ShellIn My ShellI just want to hibernateCut my heart out and refrigerateLeave a hollow space in my chestSo from pain, I will have some restI just want to stay inside my shellWhere my fear and anxiety dwellLet my scream be left silentHide the tears behind my smile like it’s nonexistentLet me...

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VIEW POETRY | Artist : December Belle

  Artist Name: December Belle Zodiac: Sagittarius  Element: Fire About December Belle : As an artist, she believes we are the conduits for divinity and beauty to express itself. Art is our connection to the divine, and when the muse blesses us, the artists, with its message through inspiration/epiphanies/experiences, it’s our duty to express that truth to enlighten the rest of humanity.  Aside from writing, her other passion is dancing, which is what she's currently focused on. December also makes artworks/collages as a form of recreation. Most of her writings tend to cover the emotional turmoil of the human experience (in the area of human relationships). Being incredibly sensitive to feelings, She uses her ability to write as a means to kind...

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