"Hilom" or pag-hilom in Filipino simply means to heal or healing.
Founded in 2017 in a small home studio in Rizal, Philippines.
Hilom Artisan creations are inspired by nature (kalikasan), the universe (kalawakan) and women (kababaihan).
Our bodies have their own unique frequencies and energy.
Everything that you can see, hear and feel in our universe is constantly in motion, vibrating. We have always been fascinated with maintaining these good vibrations around us every day.
We believe the energy we create in our products through care, respect and love being at the center of what we do, will truly be felt by the person who receives our creation. 
We’d love to be a part of your personal self-care journey, and help you to create a space in life where you envision your happy and true self.
This can be challenging, especially in this time of overwhelming shifts around us.
That's why we offer our creations to help you channel your inner peace , vibrate higher and make a conscious choice to slow down for a moment.
"From the Earth, for your sacred space and self-care ritual."